Addons are additions that extend subscription limits. Sometimes a user needs more mount points or clients that allowed by any plan. It can buy any number of addons to extend these limits.

Addon limits are added to the subscription limits. For example, if a user has an Enterprise subscription that allows him to create up to 10 mount points and he bought an addon with 100 mount points, he will be able to create 110 mount points.

When purchasing an addon, YouCORS will charge an addon price in proportion to the time remaining until the end of the current billing period and add the cost of the addon to all of the following subscription payments. For example, if a user buys addon in the middle of the billing cycle, he will pay half an addon price immediately, and a full amount will be added on top of subscription for a next billing cycle.

Addons can't be canceled.


Monthly price
Yearly price
+10 Clients$20$168
+10 Mount points$20
+50 Clients
+50 Mount points
+100 Clients
+100 Mount points