YouCORS 2.0

Good news, everyone!!!

Alfa version of YouCORS 2.0 ready for public testing. It's not production ready and has a lot of bugs. But if you have free time, you can try it at

Thank you for your message. I replied to you via email.

I have been using the Youcors for the last 4 months without any problem.For the last one week the base is starting and going offline immediately.I have tried everything to no avail.Can somebody somewhere tell me whats wrong!!!!

Wonderful,just wanted to know if i can get rtk fix while working in Africa,Kenya

Hi Sergio,

As I see, you successfully confirmed your email, and your account is active. Please use reset a password to restore access to your account if you have issues with sign in.


Also, I fixed wording in the Registration page header

great news but I can't sign in

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